Irvine, Restraining Order Attorney
If you have a former employee, employee's spouse, or other person who is harassing your work place, we can obtain a civil harassment restraining order on behalf of your business and employees. This will protect the safety of your employees, and allow them to work more productively.

Experienced Workplace Restraining Order Attorneys, who know how to get you immediate protection.

Our attorneys are in court, often on a weekly or monthly basis, obtaining various types of protective orders for our clients. We can often obtain a temporary protective order the same day . Our attorneys are experienced in litigating every type of restraining order.

Act Now or Risk Jeopardizing Your Case:
An order restraining a person from going to a place of work or any other place is considered to be an extraordinary remedy. An important consideration that will be made by the judge in whether to grant your business a workplace protective order, is how seriously you are taking the threat. The court will also consider the imminence of harm, if action is not taken. If you don't take immediate legal action, the court will be less inclined to grant you, your business, and your employees protection. Thus, it is important to take legal action as soon as possible to restrain a former employee or other person from threatening and/or harassing conduct.

If you or your workplace is in need of the protection of a workplace restraining order, contact The Buncher Law Corporation immediately for a free 30 minute consultation.

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