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Identity Theft in a Business Setting
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Representing Business Owners in Internal Conflicts

Have you discovered that a business partner has been stealing money? Are you locked in a dispute over management of your company? Are you concerned about who will be entitled to your business name, trade marks, trade secrets, customer lists and other intellectual property if your business breaks up?
At The Buncher Law Corporation, our civil litigation department — headed by experienced trial lawyer, Sven Buncher — represents clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California who are involved in internal business disputes.

We understand how important the ownership and control of your business is to you. Don't hesitate to contact us to set up a free 30 minute consultation where we can discuss your legal options.

Resolving Disputes Over Business Assets and Management

If you are involved in a dispute with a business partner, you should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible, before things get out of hand. Resolving disputes and, when necessary, untangling assets within a business are issues that require careful legal attention.

Is Someone Stealing From Your Business?
Business owners, employees and officers must repose a certain level of trust and confidence in one another in the operation of a business. This includes relying on one another to not abscond with business funds or assets. If you suspect another of stealing from your business, then you need to take immediate action to stop the embezzlement, return misappropriated funds and assets, and may also want to seek punitive damages. The Buncher Law Corporation represents plaintiffs and defendants in cases of fraudulent misappropriation and embezzlement.

Accused of Embezzlement?
As a Newport Beach employee theft attorney, Sven Buncher represents plaintiffs and defendants. If you have been accused of theft, your business reputation, job and entire career are at stake. You may also be criminally prosecuted. In civil court, restraining orders will likely be sought against you as well as claims for monetary damages. The severity of the damages depends upon the value of the moneys or property allegedly misappropriated, the resulting damage to the business, and whether any malicious conduct or callous disregard is found. If the latter is found, you could also be subject to punitive damages, which could extend well beyond the value of the money or property allegedly misappropriated. In addition, you may also be prosecuted in criminal court for theft. While we do not handle matters in criminal court, a strong defense to claims in civil court often discourages law enforcement from pursuing a criminal case. Furthermore, such a defense lays a strong foundation to be utilized by your criminal defense counsel in the event criminal charges are pursued. We can also direct you to experienced criminal defense counsel with whom we can coordinate your defense.

Our Orange County, California, law firm handles embezzlement claims that involve:

  • Stealing cash from an employer — petty cash, cash from a cash register and other methods
  • Writing checks from an employer's account
  • Utilizing an employer's credit to pay personal debts
  • Skimming funds off profits
  • Using business funds to pay for personal expenses
  • Misappropriating company labor, products, and/or materials for personal benefit

Whatever the nature of your case, you can rely on Sven Buncher's broad based experience to help you obtain the best possible results. Additionally, our law firm will give you an honest assessment of the merits of your case, its value or the extent of your liability, a time frame for its resolution, and a realistic estimate of how much your case will cost depending upon how long it takes to resolve as it proceeds through the negotiation and litigation process.
We represent large corporations, small businesses, mid-sized businesses and owners, managers, directors, officers and employees of these types of businesses.

Anaheim Business Identity Fraud Lawyer
No matter what side of an identity theft case you are on, you have a lot at stake. If you are victim of identity theft, you face potentially unlimited monetary loss and liability to creditors, destruction of your credit, damage to your business and harm to your business reputation. If you are accused of identity theft, you may face restraining orders, liability for compensatory and punitive damages, and destruction of your business reputation. In addition, you may also be prosecuted by law enforcement authorities in criminal court for a felony or other charges. The Buncher Law Corporation in Orange County provides experienced services to plaintiffs and defendants in civil court identity theft cases.

Accused of Identity Theft? Victim of Identity Theft?
Whatever the nature of your case, you can rely on the broad based experience of our lead Anaheim business identity fraud attorney, Sven Buncher, to obtain optimum results. If you are the victim of identity theft, we can take immediate action to obtain injunctive relief to restrain the wrongdoer from further misconduct. We can also seek compensatory damages for your loss of money and damage to your credit and business. In addition, we can pursue punitive damages to punish the wrongdoer, set an example, and discourage future theft by others.
While we do not represent defendants in criminal court, if a complaint has been filed against you for identity theft in civil court, we can help prepare the best possible defense, and where appropriate, file a counter claim against the plaintiff and any other appropriate parties. Furthermore, a strong defense in civil court discourages public authorities from pursuing a criminal case. If such a case is nevertheless pursued, we can direct you to experienced criminal defense counsel, and coordinate your defense with them to help obtain optimal results.

Our law firm handles identity theft cases arising out of business settings. These cases can include:

  • Establishing a loan using another person's information
  • The fraudulent use of a business credit card or line of credit (often personally guaranteed by a business owner), to make unauthorized purchases or money transfers
  • An employee or owner using a customer's or co-worker's credit card to make unauthorized purchases or money transfers
  • An employee or owner using a business's, customer's or co-worker's confidential identity information to make an unauthorized credit card or loan application.

Allegations of identity theft can arise from many types of business relationships amongst employees, customers and business partners. If you have been accused, you could go to jail. If you are a victim, your credit score and even certain components of your reputation may be at stake.
The Buncher Law Corporation is experienced at handling all of the above types of identity theft cases. If you meet with us, we can give you an honest assessment of the merits of your case, its value or the extent of your liability, a time frame for its resolution, and a realistic estimate of how much your case will cost.

Anaheim Shareholder Litigation Lawyer
Serious legal problems can arise from disputes involving owners, business partners and shareholders. If these problems are not resolved, the business or partnership can easily fall apart. In other cases, business partners have already resolved to go their separate ways, but have disputes as to how this is to be fairly carried out under their business operating agreement, partnership agreement, bylaws, or other operative documents. Whatever type of shareholder, ownership or partnership dispute you are involved in, turn to The Buncher Law Corporation.

Business Disputes Can Involve a Litany of Issues
Internal business disputes can involve a wide variety of different issues. As a highly skilled Anaheim shareholder litigation attorney, Sven Buncher can readily assess the central component of your dispute.

Disputes can involve:

  • Misappropriation, skimming, or embezzlement of corporate funds or assets
    Improper use of a company's labor and services for personal benefit by an owner
  • The wrongful use of company credit and resulting increase in company debt for an owner's personal benefit
  • Tie votes or deadlocks among the shareholders, owners and partners on significant issues
  • Owners being locked out of a business, or being denied access to its business records
  • Where a company officer makes a significant decision without first submitting the matter to a vote among the other owners.
  • Situations where company owners, officers, manages, directors or employees continue to be involved in the operations of a business after they have developed conflicts of interest with that business
  • Death of a shareholder;
  • Disabling condition of an employed owner/partner of the business.
  • Divorce of shareholder or partner
  • Shareholder, owner or partner wishes to leave the business
  • Business dissolution

Where appropriate, our Orange County, California, law firm makes an initial attempt to resolve the dispute without going to court. Often, the company and the involved parties benefit greatly by having a lawyer who can help work around emotions and suggest practical solutions to issues of dispute.
If it becomes necessary to go to court, you will be able to rest assured that you will have an accomplished and determined trial attorney on your side. In crisis situations where a business cannot operate due to deadlock, fear of embezzlement, or other such situations, restraining orders and other injunctive relief can be quickly obtained. In addition, a receiver can be brought in to temporarily manage the business or some aspect of it, until the dispute is resolved.

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