Knowledgeable Intellectual Property Attorneys
The legal protection of intellectual property law makes it possible for people and companies to innovate and profit from the fruits of their innovation. These protections, however, have been given limits so as to avoid unnecessarily restricting the growth of an entire field of business.

At The Buncher Law Corporation our civil litigation department — headed by experienced trial lawyer Sven Buncher — represents clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California in intellectual property litigation.

We understand the delicate balancing act of the law and the practical needs of our clients and we know how to turn it to our clients' advantage. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your options, contact us today.

Protecting Your Business Interests in Litigation
Our firm helps clients protect various different types of intellectual property from infringement and misappropriation. We also defend clients who have been accused in intellectual property claims. The following are some of our major areas of intellectual property practice:

  • Trade secret misappropriation: Your business's confidential information — from client lists to manufacturing techniques to specific ways of doing business — is your intellectual property. If a former employee, another business, or some other party has violated a confidentiality agreement and misappropriated your trade secrets, we can help.

  • Trademark infringement: Whether or not you have registered a trademark with the California or federal authorities, it is entitled to certain legal protections from being used by your competitors. Our attorneys will explain your rights and vigorously pursue your interests in trademark litigation.

  • Service mark infringement: Service marks are similar to trademarks, except that they designate services rather than goods. Service marks are entitled to the same protections as trademarks, and if your service marks have been infringed, our intellectual property lawyers can help.

  • Trade dress litigation: If another company has created a product that resembles yours so closely as to be confusing to consumers, and if the function of the products does not require them to be so similar, you may have a case for trade dress infringement.

If your rights have been infringed or if another company or individual is trying to prevent you from doing business by making spurious intellectual property claims, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help.

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