Providing the Representation Insurance Companies Need
Insurance companies that handle a high volume of litigation and operate under unique financial pressures need attorneys who understand and are prepared to work within these contexts. At The Buncher Law Corporation, we know what insurance companies and claim representatives expect, and we deliver that and more.

At The Buncher Law Corporation, we provide prompt, attentive, and cost-effective insurance defense representation. Lead civil litigation attorney Sven Buncher has handled hundreds of insurance defense claims in a broad array of practice areas for well in excess of a decade.

We serve clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California. Contact us to discuss our services.

Timely and Succinct Reporting
You expect immediate confirmation of receipt of a case, and an initial evaluation report in 30 days. You want succinct and timely pre-mediation and pre-trial reports supported by cost effective and appropriate case work up. You need monthly status reports, and to be apprised immediately of any significant developments in the case. We know what you want, and we make sure that we deliver to exceed your expectations.

Handling Cases Promptly and Avoiding Unnecessary Costs
Our firm has extensive experience in providing a defense against a wide range of claims including construction defect, auto accident, premises liability, product defect, and more.

We work quickly to pursue the resolution of claims, producing timely reports and detailed recommendations pursuant to our clients' guidelines. Our initial evaluation, is always completed within a minimum of 30 days.

We also make a point of using cost-effective tactics, adopting a level of activity that is appropriate to the claim at hand and rejecting wasteful practices that can drive up litigation costs. For example, unless otherwise instructed, we don't spend more money to work up a case then to resolve it. We don't over bill for using existing form files to propound discovery. We apportion our bills when attending multiple court hearings at one time. We avoid attending non-substantive court hearings altogether via telephonic appearances. We attempt to settle cases quickly where an appropriate settlement can be obtain before fully working up the case.We use many other techniques such as this, to give you the most representation for your dollar.

Simple to Read, Itemized Billing
We never block bill. All of our billing entries contain one activity per entry, and are simple to read and understand. Attorneys never bill for items that can be done by a paralegal or legal assistant.

Providing Versatile Joint Representation For Those With A Self Insured Retention
In addition to representing insurance companies, we also represent businesses who have a self insured retention that must be exhausted before their insurance company steps in. We attempt to resolve your case for less then the amount of the self insured retention, but when there is a potential for that to be exceeded, we also provide proper reporting and case handling to facilitate the involvement of your insurance company at the appropriate stage. Because we accept most insurance companies' rates, and know what they want, we are often able to convince them to allow us to continue to handle your case after they become involved, rather then transitioning you to unknown panel counsel that you did not select.

To discuss your insurance defense needs with an experienced trial lawyer, contact us today for a free consultation.

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