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In California, a general rule of law is that an individual cannot sue for fraud, when the central basis of the claim is that the person or entity did not perform his obligations under a contract. In such cases, only the smaller amount of damages available in a claim for breach of contract can be sought. However, one of the exceptions to this rule is known as "fraud in the inducement of a contract," or "fraud in the inception of a contract." This is where a person induces another to enter into a verbal or written contract on a fraudulent basis.

If you have been victim of such fraud, you may be entitled to not only monetary compensation you for your losses, but additional punitive damages to punish the wrongdoer and set an example of the person. In the alternative, if you have been accused of fraud in this context, you may face exposure for liability to extensive damages, and loss of your business reputation. The Buncher Law Corporation provides highly skilled legal representation to plaintiffs and defendants involved in contract fraud cases.

Led by our Irvine business contract fraud attorney, Sven Buncher, our business litigation department represents plaintiffs and defendants. We offer free 30-minute consultations. To schedule yours, please call 877-366-1324.

Representing Businesses of All Sizes and Individuals
Whatever the nature of your case, our law firm can give you an honest assessment of the value of your case or the extent of your liability. By representing plaintiffs and defendants, we can readily identify the strengths of your case and anticipate how the other party and its legal counsel may react.

Our Santa Ana business contract dispute attorney, Sven Buncher, represents clients ranging from individuals to large corporations, in various types of contract fraud actions such as:

  • Were a person induces another to enter into a contract with no intention to fully perform the contact
  • Where a person induces another to enter into a contract by misrepresenting facts
  • Were a person induces another to enter into a contract by concealing or omitting material facts or information
  • Where a person is induced to enter into a contract based upon representations by another who has no legitimate basis for knowing the representations to be true.
  • Embezzlement of business monies, and other forms of fraudulent misappropriation of money or property.
  • Trade Secret Misappropriation

If you were approached to form a new business, invested money and later found out that little or none of your money was used to form the business, you are probably the victim of fraud. If a person caused you to invest in their business based upon false representations about the business, you are the victim of fraud. If another business induced you to enter into a contract with it to obtain your money or trade secrets with no intention to perform their obligations under the contract, you are the victim of fraud.

Our Orange County, California, law firm has had handled many such cases, and is dedicated to obtaining the best results for your needs. If you have been accused of fraud, we strive to clear your name. If you have been the victim of contract fraud, we fight for the money you lost, as well as punitive damages.

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