Whether between the property owner and general contractor, between the general contractor and a subcontractor, or among different subcontractors, a construction dispute can cause delays that impose financial costs on everyone involved.

Attorneys Who Know Construction
Disputes over the performance of construction contracts and over the allegations of defective workmanship can become a major impediment to the successful completion of a project for both contractors and property owners unless an experienced attorney intervenes early and effectively.

At The Buncher Law Corporation, our civil litigation department — headed by experienced trial lawyer Sven Buncher — represents clients involved in disputes over contractual and defect issues during construction projects and after they have been completed.

Based in Orange County, we serve clients throughout Southern California. Don't hesitate to contact us to arrange a free consultation with an experienced construction litigation attorney.

Taking an Active Role in Resolving Contract Disputes
To effectively intervene in a construction dispute, a lawyer needs to know not only the law but also construction methodologies and the construction business. Attorney Sven Buncher has the experience to effectively protect clients' interests and resolve disputes over construction contracts.

Mr. Buncher is known for trading in his wing tips for a hard had and work boots, and often quickly resolving disputes at the job site. By doing so, he is able to avoid delays to project completion, protect goodwill, and avoid the cost of litigation.

However, if litigation becomes necessary, we quickly get to the meat of a dispute and pursue a prompt resolution that protects your interests.
Defending Against Construction Defect Claims

In addition to construction contract disputes, our firm also handles construction defect matters, defending contractors and subcontractors against claims that their work was responsible for water intrusion, subsidence, and other such alleged defects.

A construction defect claim can be a major drain on your resources. Our attorneys will work quickly and efficiently to resolve your matter as quickly as possible while maximizing the outcome to you. Contact us today for a free 30 minute initial consultation.

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