Santa Ana Confidentiality Agreement Breach
A non-disclosure agreement is designed to protect a company's trade secrets. If you are a former employee who has been accused of breaching a non-disclosure agreement, your career may be at stake. If you are the owner or partner of a company with a former employee who is disclosing trade secrets, you may be entitled to a court order to stop the wrongful conduct (injunctive relief), compensation, and punitive damages. The Buncher Law Corporation represents employees and employers in non-disclosure agreement disputes.

Led by our Irvine breach of non-disclosure agreement attorney, Sven Buncher, our business litigation department represents plaintiffs and defendants. We offer free 30-minute consultations. To schedule yours, please call 877-366-1324.

A Skilled Trade Secret Litigation Department
The lawyers at The Buncher Law Corporation serve as creative, dedicated advocates on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in trade secret lawsuits. Our law firm knows that the integrity of a business' trade secrets is critical to its success. Therefore, protecting a business' bottom line means vigorously protecting its intellectual property. We also know that the livelihood of an employee can be severely hampered by unfounded allegations of breaching a non-disclosure agreement.

Whatever the nature of your case, skilled trial attorney Sven Buncher is dedicated to its successful resolution. Talk to our Orange County, California, law firm today if you are involved in a dispute involving:

  • Customer lists
  • Trade secrets
  • Designs
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Business systems or methodologies
  • Computer data
  • Any piece of intellectual property

We can seek an injunction on behalf of your business. The injunction will halt any further use of the disclosed item. Then, we identify the value of the damages arising from the breach and seek full compensatory damages, as well as any applicable punitive damages.

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