Newport Beach Sale of Business Dispute
An agreement to sell or buy a business will involve certain terms with which the sellers and potential buyers must comply. When disputes arise, they are typically complex and can rapidly escalate to litigation. If you are involved in a buy/sell agreement dispute, turn to The Buncher Law Corporation. We are an Orange County, California, law firm with significant experience representing plaintiffs and defendants involved in buy/sell contract disputes.

Led by our Irvine breach of buy/sell agreement attorney, Sven Buncher, our business litigation department represents plaintiffs and defendants. We offer free 30-minute consultations. To schedule yours, please call 877-366-1324.

Representing Buyers and Sellers
Our Newport Beach sale of business dispute attorney, Sven Buncher, represents buyers and sellers involved in disputes. Mr. Buncher has a broad background of experience in disentangling the multiple potential elements of buy/sell contract disputes. Attorney Buncher can provide you with an honest assessment of merits of your case or defense, its value or your liability, and projected costs through the various potential stages of the negotiation and litigation process.

Buy/sell agreements can be breached by failure to comply with the terms of the agreement in ways that include:

  • Failure to honor noncompete agreements
  • Failure to make timely payment of a loan
  • Failure to provide adequate consulting or other services
  • Failure to disclose significant information or fraudulent misrepresentations made to induce the purchase of a business
  • Failure to meet other obligations as set forth in the agreement

In addition, sureties and guarantors of loans or lease agreements, also frequently become involved in buy/sell agreement litigation when businesses change ownership. Frequently, they unknowingly sign "continuing guarantees" of various business obligations such as loans, promissory notes, or lease agreements. After ownership of the business changes hands, they find themselves being sued in a collections action, wherein the new owner of a business failed to make timely payment. Attorney, Sven Buncher, is experienced in defending against and prosecuting such claims.

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