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A noncompete clause or non-solicitation agreement is intended to prevent competition amongst particular persons and entities. Courts disfavor non-compete contracts and non-solicitation clauses because they place restrictions on the marketplace and hinder a person's ability to obtain alternate employment or freely practice his/her trade or profession. However, noncompete contracts and non-solicitation clauses are appropriate under certain conditions when reasonable limitations have been made on the terms. The Buncher Law Corporation represents businesses and former employers who are involved in breach of noncompete contracts and breach of non-disclosure agreements.

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Noncompete Agreements
Prosecuting or defending against breach of noncompete agreement claims often involves complex legal issues and factual claims that are difficult to prove. However, our Orange County, California, law firm is experienced in resolving such disputes include those which occur when:

  • A current or former employee, officer or owner obtains a position with a competitor
  • A current or former employee, officer or owner starts his or her own company
  • A current or former employee, officer or owner uses knowledge of trade secrets or other intellectual property in violation of a non-disclosure agreement or non-compete clause
  • As seller of a business competes with the buyer of that business, often in violation of a business buy/sell agreement

Non-Solicitation Agreements
Skilled Anaheim non-solicitation clause attorney Sven Buncher also resolves disputes and engages in litigation during instances involving non-solicitation agreements. Such Non-solicitation agreements are usually intended to prevent a former employee, officer or owner from soliciting the customers of a particular business. Alleged breaches most often occurs where formers employees create their own businesses, but also occur in other instances such as where employees are hired by a competitor. Even where there is no express oral or written non-solicitation agreement in place, a former employee, officer or owner who solicits the customers of a former business may in some instances be held accountable. This is particularly the case where a client list is involved, containing information not readily obtained from publicly available sources.

If you are a current or former employee accused of such matters actions, your entire career may be at stake.

If your former employee or competitor is using your trade secret customer information or violating a non-solicitation clause, the future of your business may be at stake. In such instances a variety of remedies may be available such as injunctive relief, restraining orders, and various types of monetary damages.
Whatever the nuances of your case, our law firm is dedicated to obtaining the best possible resolution in a cost efficient manner.

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